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What Awesome Looks Like:

How To Excel in Business And Life

From starting her first company at age twenty-three with only $23,000 to selling her last company at age forty for $377 million and becoming an angel investor, author Amy Rees Anderson knows how to succeed in the world of business and how to do it the right way. In What AWESOME Looks Like: How to Excel in Business and Life, Amy shares valuable insights and strategies for success that aspiring entrepreneurs, employees, and executives can easily replicate their own lives. What AWESOME Looks Like will inspire and motivate you to join the ranks of those who don’t just dream, they do.

And that is what AWESOME looks like!

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Amy Rees Anderson has compiled an incredible track record of business success—and she’s done it the right way. In What Awesome Looks Like, Amy shares insightful and practical lessons, watch-outs, and her secrets on how to succeed at business, with people, and in life. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to master the art of entrepreneurship, excel in the business world, or who simply needs to jump-start their life."

— Sean Covey
#1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Coauthor, The 4 Disciplines of Execution, and International Bestselling Author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

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About The Author

Amy Rees Anderson

Amy Rees Anderson is the founder and managing partner of REES Capital, an angel investing firm. Amy is a contributor to Forbes and the Huffington Post and an author of a daily blog. She is an in-demand public speaker and she lectures at a number of universities. Prior to founding REES Capital, Amy Rees Anderson was formerly the founder and CEO of MediConnect Global, Inc., one of the largest cloud-based health information exchanges. In March 2012, Amy successfully led MediConnect to being acquired for over $377 million. After selling MediConnect, she founded the IPOP Foundation (In Pursuit of Perfection), a charity focused on helping promote, educate, and perpetuate entrepreneurship as a pathway to self-reliance. Amy has been the recipient of a number of awards, which include receiving the prestigious EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award and being named CEO of the Year. She has been featured on the cover of Inc., in the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, and many other national publications as a result of her many accomplishments. In 2015, Amy received an honorary PhD.

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